Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Destiny Malibu

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Destiny Malibu

Hispanic, Pop

United States

Indie distributed by Sony The Orchard


Destiny Malibu

‘Destiny Malibu, one of the year’s 25 break-out artists’ -

‘Independent singer, songwriter, talent, inspiration...a young person that actually cares...genuine.’ - Elizabeth Espinosa, iHeartRadio

Destiny Malibu’s "Lo Siento" is “hot like fire” and solidifies that undoubtedly Destiny can sing, rap, dance and write chart worthy songs in both English and Spanish.The rhythm immediately makes you want to move your hips and dance.

The beat keeps you engaged and ready to party. It’s a fun, happy song with a sultry rap that Destiny executes with exact precision. It’s the latin in her and she vibes it well. Her timing is impeccable. The production is fresh and full of natural sounds -there are even wooden spoons in the production! All the sounds blend perfectly with Destiny’s vocals.

Lo Siento is the second release and title song of her upcoming pop album scheduled for release in 2020. Destiny wrote the song about going out to a club just to have fun and not expecting to meet ‘the one’.

It’s a particularly special concept for her because it’s her first ever bilingual song and not only celebrates her being half Swedish on her dad’s side and half Latina on her mom’s side, but Destiny’s parents actually met dancing at the famous Avalon in Hollywood not expecting to meet ‘the one’. 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Rachelle's Mystery Melons - Hope you got the Space - They get Large!!

Mystery Melon Seeds

Friday, January 31, 2020

Monsieur Job ft. El Capo

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Monsieur Job ft. El Capo

Hispanic - Pop - Urban




Holguin - BMI

Toby Holguin dreams music, lives music and gives music life. It was Toby’s vision to create Monsieur Job, a band that will rock you make you move your feet. A band that will make you cry with passion. Formed by Toby Holguin from Cali, Colombia, a beautiful place high in the mountains above the clouds. Toby then asked Stan Kolev from Sofia, Bulgaria, Charlie Illera from Barranquilla, Colombia, and Leo Jaramillo from Bogota, Colombia to become one musically as Monsieur Job.

All of them live and breathe their own style of music combined they are Monsieur Job. Toby, Stan, and Charlie spin records as DJs constantly for different pools and venues around the world. Moreover, Toby had the idea to start doing Urban Music besides Chill Out and Electronic Music, which is the vision that created the album “Bass Passi”. They started dropping broken beats with a more festive, shaky, groovy Caribbean Latin flavor turning it into an international exclusive mash up of world talents and a unique blend of genres.

For their debut release, Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow, the record has hit the Euro Indie Music Chart at #1 for 9 consecutive weeks as well as progressive singles; “Kick it” Remix feat. Charly Black, “Pica Pica”, NiƱa Shake Your Body” feat. No Mercy & Vojke Djans and “Chilliando Hangueando” feat. Cholo reaching the #1 position as well, the Digital Radio Tracker Top 10, and Top 200 for Best Albums, #2 for the Billboard Latin Rhythm Albums Chart, and the Billboard Top 10 Heatseekers Albums Chart for their album “Bass Passi”. This album was recorded in Bogota and Miami at Basswalk Studios, Outta Limits Studios in Miami, and Barba Studios in Belgrade and mastered at Sterling Studios, New

Friday, October 18, 2019

SDC RadioWorks Generated Indie Radio Advertising for a song and dance at 26 cents each

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- Our music comes from artists all over the world.  We attract the unique and usual artists with gifts of  few minutes that take you away from your normal routine and sends you on a musical ride.  We are just a grain of sand on the beach in this huge tidal-wave of creativity.  

Starting with cassette released music in 1970's with our first flagship KDRC Mixtape that has grown into this mega media of over twenty-eight stations distributed by our SDC Digital Streaming Services and programmed by SDC RadioWorks.  All of the SDC OmniMedia Groups radio stations are managed by SDC Radio Networks.

SDC RadioWorks has operated on a free basis, not excepting any radio ads over the past thirty odd years and working with indie artists.  However of the past three years, the major labels have began to issue to SDC Radio many of their new artists, and the United States government has also asked us for Public Service Announcements (PSA's) to be played on our stations, for which we have gratefully done and will continue to provide.

However with this opening, advertising agencies have began to request sponsor ships and ad time on our most popular stations.  Some ads have started to play within our programming, such as IBM, Westin Hotels, Boeing Manufacturing and several others with formats of 15, 30 and 60 second spots.

SDC RadioWorks have created the following guidelines for adds:  All submitted adds must be a minimum of 128MHz MP3s within 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds format.  We will not except adds of sexual and or political hate motivated speech.  Static ads are built into our evergreen playlists that will play for the life of the program.  Non-static ads will play on our power stations that can and will be changed at advertisers request for duration.

FOR EVERGREEN SHOWS:  Three (3) times per show - $25.00

NON-STATIC ADS:  Four Stations/16 times per day/30 days duration - $125.00;
That is 480 ads for $0.26 per ad with your choice of 15, 30 or 60 seconds.
What can you advertise?  your new book, your new CD/LP, your movie, 
your podcast, your run for elected office, etc.
Send us your completed audio ad to
============================================================ for payments to:
Call us: 1.901.310.9061 between 9AM and 3PM, Monday thru Friday

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Digg Editions Wed, Oct 09

Digg Editions
Wed, Oct 09
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If it’s not a door, don’t walk through it. If he’s a friend, don’t laugh at him.