Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dolla Bill

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Dolla Bill

Hip Hop - Rap - Pop

United States




Dolla Bill is a hip hop/rap artist from Raleigh, NC. Currently, he is releasing singles and building a catalog. His latest projects are "Goin' Wit Da Flow" album/playlist and  single "Old Schoolin" that he is actively promoting on radio. Dolla's music has been featured on radio, blogs and playlists. His music is available worldwide. Dolla Bill tries to focus on quality, creativity and his music is real, straight up, smooth, energetic and composed.

At the age of sixteen, Dolla started learning how to play guitar, writing lyrics and emulating the lyrical themes and vocal styles of bands and front men that were popular among his circle of friends. He tried out for a few bands as a vocalist but didn’t have the right type of voice for the kind of music he was trying to cover. However, he began to evolve as a composer with emphasis on lyric writing and song structure. This was the beginning of what became the journey or process of becoming a songwriter and finding his true voice.

          Dolla Bill has been writing and performing his hip hop/rap tracks for about five years. He got the nick name or a.k.a. "Dolla Bill" from a co-worker friend that turned him on to freestyling and filling in as an MC. These sessions were spontaneous and quick rapoffs that showcased rhyme, flow and some good compliment. Some of Dolla's musical influences are but not limited to Kendrick Lamar, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Eminem, Biggie, Dre and Dime P. What makes Dolla's music unique and interesting, is his deep voice, lyrical composition and song structure.

Monday, December 10, 2018

zion jungle By DJ Vadim

New show by DJ Vadim

zion jungle

reggae jungle takeover 2 get ya skanking

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

cd baby diy musician newsletter



If you only do one thing to promote your music this holiday season...
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Mark Erelli joins forces with Sheryl Crow, Josh Ritter, Rosanne Cash, Anaïs Mitchell, and Lori McKenna to help end gun violence
We're honored that Mark Erelli has been working with CD Baby to distribute his newest single, which features the vocals of Sheryl Crow, Josh Ritter, Lori McKenna, Rosanne Cash, and Anaïs Mitchell, with 100% of the proceeds going to Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s Courage to Fight Gun Violence organization.



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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Mr. Scruff, DJ Fitchie & Chopper Reeds - Keep It Unreal, ... By Mr. Scruff

New show by Mr. Scruff

Mr. Scruff, DJ Fitchie & Chopper Reeds - Keep It Unreal, Manchester 2018

Fitchie, sax man Chopper Reedz and MC Slave from Fat Freddy's Drop kindly joined me after their sold out Manchester show to play some tunes with me at Band on the Wall. A packed house, a lovely crowd and that lovely sound system all made for a perfect evening.

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